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ISAAA Launches Pinoy Biotek Resource Page

July 12, 2023

ISAAA Inc., in partnership with the Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries Biotechnology Program of the Department of Agriculture (DA Biotech Program), released the Biotechnology in the Philippines Resource. It serves as a repository of materials that highlight biotechnology applications, regulations, and communication efforts in the Philippines.

The Biotechnology in the Philippines Resource includes Biotech Updates articles, blogs, journals, publications, videos, and webinars about the latest developments in Philippine biotechnology, as well as biotech products in the pipeline. The hybrid events were meant to raise awareness and support for biotechnology and became platforms for discussions on the topics.

With readily accessible resources, students, researchers, regulators, and other key stakeholders in the Philippine biotech space are motivated to continue studying and engaging about the topic in order to foster a broader understanding of Philippine biotechnology and maximize its positive contributions to the development of the country.

Visit the Biotechnology in the Philippines Resource now.

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