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Multi-stakeholder Organizations and Farmers in EU Join Forces to Fight Climate Change

January 26, 2022

In Europe, recognizing the potential of the Farm to Fork Strategy, a group of multi-stakeholder organizations from across the food and agriculture value chain have come together, under the Carbon+ Farming Journey' coalition, with solutions to scale and mainstream the adoption of climate-smart practices that are better for climate, nature, and farmers.

The coalition worked with almost 2,000 farmers working on 6 different cropping systems from 7 countries representing 43% of Europe's agricultural production. The coalition unearthed new and compelling insights that are important for European food systems.

The coalition's findings will be consolidated into an Insights Report and launched in the first quarter of 2022. Using these insights, coalition partners will work together – and co-ideating with farmers - to develop the most impactful and innovative solutions to support the transition. A key solution being considered is the definition of "Carbon+ Procurement Principles" to support the demand and financing for production that is better for people and the planet. Other solutions being considered include a knowledge and training platform for farmers to gain knowledge and share their experience on climate-smart farming; and a climate-smart farming practice selection tool that would recommend a best practice "menu" based on farm characteristics and desired outcomes.

For more details, read the article on the World Economic Forum website.

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