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ISAAA to Release Primer on Genome Editing

December 9, 2021

ISAAA, in partnership with the Philippine Department of Agriculture Biotechnology Program Office and Biotech Coalition of the Philippines, will be launching its latest publication titled Breaking Barriers with Breeding: A Primer on New Breeding Innovations for Food Security on December 13, 2021 at 10 AM GMT+8 via Zoom.

Genome editing has been one of the most game-changing innovations in food and agriculture. It allows experts to improve the characteristics of living organisms using molecular scissors to edit the DNA in a specific location. Because of the overwhelming interest by various stakeholders all over the world on this technology, ISAAA developed a primer on genome editing with a special focus on its implications on food security. Top experts on the most relevant topics were invited to write a chapter to ensure that each facet of the technology is accurately covered in the right perspective.

During the one-hour launch, Prof. Paul Teng, ISAAA Chair and food security expert from Singapore, will tackle the importance of genome editing in attaining food security. Other authors will also give short messages on the topic.

Attendance to launch is open to all and free of charge. Register now on Zoom.

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