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Younger Consumers Willing to Buy Fresh Fruits Developed Through Biotechnology, Study

November 24, 2021

Scientists from the United States (US) conducted an international study to determine the consumers' willingness to buy fresh biotech-produced fruits. Their findings showed some optimism about the future of fruit biotechnology as they were able to record a higher acceptance rate from younger and educated consumers.

The objective of the study was to identify driving factors for the respondents' willingness to purchase biotechnology-produced fresh fruit. An international survey that focused on fruit consumption was conducted among 5,367 respondents from the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and South Korea in April 2019. The initial findings showed a higher willingness to purchase transgenic fresh fruits in France and South Korea where consumers may have associated biotechnology with higher nutritional benefits and better food safety.

Other findings of the study include: 
  1. Younger and more educated respondents are more willing to buy biotech-produced fruits.
  2. Respondents who eat more fruits, feel healthier than peers, have environmental awareness, and eat away from home on a regular basis are more willing to buy biotech-produced fruits.
  3. People afraid of new foods are less willing to buy fruits with technology in the US and South Korea.
  4. Respondents might associate biotechnology with better food safety, more nutrition, and ease of consumption – all providing a positive perception of biotechnology.
  5. Educational programs that introduce the benefits of biotechnology directly related to consumers and environmental protection may increase the acceptance of biotech-produced fruits.
  6. Country-specific programs that promote biotechnology may be necessary to enhance the consumers' acceptance.
Read the full details of the study in Sustainability.

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