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French Researchers and Experts Appeal to President Macron to Support Plant Biotechnologies

September 22, 2021

The French Association of Plant Biotechnologies (AFBV), a group of more than 100 researchers and experts, appeals to President Emmanuel Macron to support plant biotechnologies in Europe.

In a press release, the group seeks President Macron's support to a major initiative to reduce EU dependence on synthetic pesticides, during the next presidency of the EU Council of Ministers beginning January 1, 2022. The AFBV points out that this goal can only be achieved if there are alternatives with the same efficiency characteristics. Among these, AFBV highlights the value of creating plant varieties that are genetically resistant to diseases or predators and which require fewer pesticides to be protected.

The AFBV believes that European agriculture will lose technological and political sovereignty if regulatory conditions that will allow researchers to use gene editing will not be in place. Furthermore, the group views plant biotechnologies as an opportunity to limit the agricultural decline forecasted by the "Farm to work" strategy. "It is our country's responsibility to communicate loud and clear this message of hope to our European partners," they said in the press release.

For more information, visit the AFBV website.

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