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Japan Updates Genome Editing Handling Procedures for Feed and Feed Additives

May 19, 2021

Following a public comment period that closed on March 5, Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) amended the handling procedures for feed and feed additive products derived from the crossbreeding of genome-edited varieties previously notified to MAFF with conventional varieties, other previously notified genome-edited varieties, and genetically engineered products for which MAFF has granted feed safety approval.

According to the US Foreign Agricultural Service GAIN Report, the amended guideline issued on April 20 no longer expects developers of these products to undergo MAFF's consultation process for genome-edited feed and feed additive products. The MAFF amended the guidelines to eliminate the requirement for prior consultation and notification of crossbred progeny products.

For more details, read the GAIN Report. To see the updated Guidelines, visit the MAFF website (in Japanese).

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