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Multi-Institutional Effort Produces Comprehensive Guide for Communicating Plant Science

April 21, 2021

Gustavo MacIntosh’s research at Iowa State focuses on plant cellular functions and soybean pest resistance. He took part in a multi-institutional effort to guide outreach efforts in the plant sciences. Photo Source: Robert Elbert

More than 30 scientists, including Gustavo MacIntosh, a professor at Iowa State University have put together a comprehensive guide to help plant scientists communicate their work to the world. The guide, "Broadening the impact of plant science through innovative, integrative, and inclusive outreach," a 28-page white paper is published in Plant Direct.

Plant science plays an increasingly important role in society, but MacInstosh said many people do not have an understanding of plants and their role in human lives. In more than two years, the team worked on the guide that will help humanize plant science.

The guide identifies challenges to communicating the importance of plant science to a wide audience and provides some strategies to help plant scientists get the word out. It also includes case studies and a number of strategies to communicate important plant science topics and ideas for classroom activities as well as tips for how to plan museum exhibits and booths at farmers markets and similar events.

For more details, read the article in Iowa State University News Service. The open-access white paper is available in Plant Direct.

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