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Health Canada: Gene-Edited Crops are Safe

April 7, 2021

Health Canada has declared that gene-edited crops are safe. Health Canada launched a public consultation for the Proposed new guidance for Novel Food Regulations focused on plant breeding on March 25 and closes on May 24, 2021.

The consultation proposes new rules that will deal with plant breeding innovations, including gene-edited crops. However, a group has raised concerns about such plant breeding techniques. Health Canada's position is clear in their response given through a letter signed by Karen E. McIntyre, Director General of the Food Directorate.

The letter states, "Current findings show that gene-edited plants are as safe as their conventionally bred counterparts. Gene editing allows for improved precision when developing new plants and is subject to the same rigorous breeding practices as conventionally bred plants."

For more details, read this news article. For more information about the ongoing consultation, read the summary on Health Canada's website.

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