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Ectopic Expression of a Grape Nitrate Transporter Boosts Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Arabidopsis

December 9, 2020

Researchers from the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted a study to identify the function of VvNPF6.5, a member of nitrate transporter 1/peptide transporter family (NRT1/PTR/NPF) in grapes. The results are published in BMC Plant Biology.

Nitrate is vital in the vegetative and reproductive development of grapevines. However, the molecular mechanisms involved in the process remain to be unclear. Thus, the researchers conducted a functional characterization of VvNPF6.5. Results showed that VvNPF6.5 is expressed predominantly in roots and stems and its expression is rapidly induced by nitrate. Ectopic expression of VvNPF6.5 in Arabidopsis caused nitrate buildup in shoots and roots while significantly enhancing nitroge nuse efficiency. The findings also imply that VvNPF6.5 could be involved in nitrate signaling by positively regulating the expression of primary nitrate response genes.

Read the open-access article in BMC Plant Biology.

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