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ISAAA Webinars Tackle Global Animal Biotech Regulations

October 14, 2020

The 4th International Workshop on Regulatory Approaches for Animal Biotechnology is more than half-way through its sessions. Session 3 was conducted from October 7 to 8, 2020 and it covered the current status of the environmental and contained use regulations of genetically modified (GM) animals in eight countries and Europe.

Country reports from Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, the Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, India, and South Africa were among those presented during Session 3. A panelist from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) was also present to discuss the current status of the EFSA Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) document for GM animals. Also presented were briefings on the process and implementation of contained use for GM animals in two perspectives: first, from an international research organization's standpoint provided by the International Livestock Research Institute; and second, from the industry perspective presented by a Wisconsin-based company ABS Global.

Each panelist gave their respective opinions during the hour-long discussion on topics that ranged from established regulatory documents and procedures that can be used as a reference by countries who are still setting up their GM animal regulatory system, the different approaches for effective GM animal contained use while taking into consideration the type of animal that needs containment (land-terrestrial and aquatic), and, most interestingly, the European Union's approach to conducting field trials without embracing the contained use of GM organisms. Many other questions from the audience about animal biotech regulations were also entertained and answered.

Session 4 of the webinar will be held on October 19 to 22. Breakout sessions will cover the regions represented by the participants to discuss the animal biotech regulations status and future directions. To know more about the 4th International Workshop on Regulatory Approaches for Animal Biotechnology's last session, please contact

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