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Yield10's CRISPR Genome-Edited C3007 Canola Trait in 2021 US Field Tests

August 19, 2020

Yield10 Bioscience has received a positive response from USDA-APHIS's Biotechnology Regulatory Services (BRS) for its CRISPR genome-edited trait C3007 in canola plant lines developed for increased oil content. The CRISPR-edited C3007 trait designed to increase oil content could deliver significant economic value for the commercialization of identity-preserved, specialty oilseed crops.

In June 2020, Yield10 submitted an "Am I regulated?" letter to the BRS, requesting confirmation of the regulatory status for canola plant lines with the company's novel, CRISPR genome-edited C3007 trait. The positive response from USDA-APHIS indicated that the plant lines do not meet the definition of a regulated article under 7 CFR Part 340 regulations. Confirmation of the regulatory status of the plants will enable Yield10 to conduct field tests of CRISPR genome-edited canola plants in the United States in the 2021 growing season.

For more details, read the article on Yield10 Bioscience website.

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