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Evidence Shows GM Foods Do Not Cause Infertility

August 19, 2020

A systematic review of published literature was conducted to determine genetically modified (GM) plants' potential impacts in infertility indices. Based on available online literature, the reviewers came up with the conclusion that GM crops do not cause infertility.

A total of 1,467 non-duplicated online publications written in English were selected and independently screened by three researchers. After abstract screening and full-text reviews, 39 relevant publications were identified and seven were further evaluated. The STROBE checklist was used to assess the quality of articles. No articles were excluded due to quality assessment.

Based on the systematic review of literature, it was found that GM products had no adverse effects in infertility indices, as well as in fertility indices. The authors recommended that long-term research is needed to further establish the results of their review.

Read the full review published in Hindawi.

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