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Students Concerned about Future of Biotech Innovations in Uganda

September 11, 2019

Students in Uganda are wondering why the government is building a lot of capacity in biotech while creating a policy environment that may discourage innovation and inventions. This was expressed by biotech students from the University of Kisubi on September 7, 2019 during the first ever inter-university biotechnology symposium, which was inspired by Uganda Bio-sciences Information Center's school outreach programs. The event was attended by over 100 students and educators from more than 10 universities and colleges countrywide.

The symposium featured pertinent topics around contemporary biotechnology research and development from human health, animals and crops sectors. The theme of the symposium was Understanding the impact of biotechnology on agriculture, healthcare and economic livelihood in developing countries. During discussions, participants expressed apprehension regarding the current impasse with the regulatory framework around biotechnology in Uganda. They were concerned that the lack of a functional regulatory system may ultimately stifle the application of locally developed and tested biotechnologies while allowing unregulated imports.

Other discussions focused on the need to enhance and improve knowledge- and information- sharing to foster wider awareness and a better understanding of various biotechnology uses in different sectors. There is also a need to promote more investment in research and development especially for the less controversial biotechnologies, and to establish a functional policy framework to optimize national and households' benefits from biotechnology.

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