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Soybean Cotyledon Used as Platform for Production of Therapeutic Proteins

March 20, 2019

The bone morphogenetic protein BMP2 has an important function in the production and regeneration of bone and cartilage, which is vital in maintaining skeletal integrity and bone fracture repair. Thus, BMP2 is commercially produced for clinical use. Researchers from Embrapa Recursos Genéticos e Biotecnologia, Brazil, and partners attempted to express human BMP2 in two plant systems, the lettuce chloroplast and soybean seeds.

The researchers introduced the rhBMP2 gene in two locations of the lettuce chloroplast genome. Analysis showed that BMP2 gene was transcribed but did not accumulate in the leaves.

On the other hand, two soybean events successfully expressed hBMP2 in the transgenic seeds. The recombinant BMP2 protein was administered to C2C12 cell cultures, which induced an osteogenic cascade as manifested in the improved expression of SP7 (osterix) and ALPI (alkaline phosphatase) genes.

The findings suggest that soybeans can be used to produce functional therapeutic proteins like BMP2.

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