Biotech Updates

Strong Sales Figures Indicate Demand for GM Non-browning Apple

March 20, 2019

Jack Bobo, Vice-President of global policy and government affairs with Intrexon, a biotech firm based in the United States, is a staunch supporter of the genetically modified non-browning Arctic Apple which he believes could change the views of the public about GM food. "I like to say it's the most important GMO in the history of the world. Because it's the only GMO that people will buy because it's a GMO," Bobo stated during the U.S. Department of Agriculture outlook forum held last month. 

Apples are the third most-wasted food in America. Data shows that around 40 percent of apples in the country are thrown away due to bruising and browning. High sales figures indicate consumers' desire for a non-browning apple as they see its potential to lessen trash and reduce food waste.

Despite claims from biotech activists that the public was not interested in a GM apple and that it would jeopardize Canada's apple industry, the Arctic Apple varieties received regulatory approval from the federal government in 2015. To date, the company has introduced three Arctic Apple varieties — the Arctic golden delicious, Arctic fuji, and Arctic granny smith. 

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