Biotech Updates

USDA FAS-GAIN Evaluates China's 2018 Ag-biotech Industry

March 20, 2019

The USDA FAS Global Agricultural Information Network has released its report on China's agricultural biotechnology industry, highlighting the approval of five new biotech traits in imported crops for processing. These are the first five approvals granted in the last one and a half years.

The report also states that the Ministry of Agriculture was renamed into the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), with its biotechnology regulation function remaining the same. MARA has also amended its regulations on safety assessment, import approval, and GMO labeling. Despite the re-structuring and amendments, MARA has still not issued the certificates of cultivation for both the GE corn and GE soy which have been in the approval pipeline since 2016.

The report also includes MARA's campaign efforts to combat the widespread misinformation about agricultural biotechnology in the country, especially in the Chinese social media. Through the campaigns, the Chinese government hopes to turn consumer and public perceptions favorable towards agricultural biotechnology.

Refer to the full report for more details.