Biotech Updates

Guide to Understanding CRISPR Data Analysis Scores

August 29, 2018

Synthego houses the free, user-friendly online tool Inference of CRISPR Edits (ICE), which is used to analyze CRISPR indel mutations. By uploading Sanger sequencing files, individually or by batch, researchers can know the editing efficiency (indel frequency) and knockout efficiency (proportion of sequences with knocked out gene function in a CRISPR-edited population) of their editing tool and determine all indels and their frequencies. ICE also addresses the limitations of other analysis tools like TIDE (Tracking Indels by DEcomposition) by enabling the analysis of edits from using multiple guide RNAs.

Aside from a step-by-step guide on using the ICE platform, Synthego also published a guide on interpreting the analysis scores from ICE. The document includes an introduction on ICE, related links on planning an experiment using CRISPR, interpreting the Ice Score and knockout score, and sample data analysis results.

For more information, read the guide in Synthego and visit the ICE analysis platform.