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Farmers in South America Reap Significant Benefits from Planting Biotech Soybeans

August 29, 2018

Planting Intacta soybeans with herbicide tolerance and insect resistance traits benefitted farmers in South America with an increase in income of US$7.64 billion for the first five years of adoption. This is according to the study conducted by Graham Brookes of PG Economics published in GM Crops and Food journal.

The study assessed the economic and environmental impacts accrued from adoption and use of Intacta soybeans in South America for the first five years of commercialization. A total of 73.6 million hectares of Intacta soybeans was planted during the time period. For every additional US$1 spent on Intacta soybean seeds compared to conventional seeds, farmers have gained US$3.88 additional profit. These income gains are due to increase in yields and reduced expenses for weed and pest control. Furthermore, the technology has decreased pesticide spraying by 10.44 million kg and reduced greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 3.3 million cars off the roads.

Read the research article in GM Crops and Food.