Biotech Updates

European Commission Authorizes Five GM Crops

August 8, 2018

The European Commission authorized 5 genetically modified (GM) crops for food and feed. These include two new varieties of maize (MON 87427 x MON 89034 x NK603 and 1507 x 59122 x MON 810 x NK603), and renewal of 3 existing authorizations for maize (2) and sugarbeet (DAS-59122-7, GA21, and H7-1, respectively).

According to the Commission, each of the authorized GM crops were evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which released favorable opinions about the safety of the GM crops. The authorizations are valid for 10 years, and are subject to EU's strict labeling and traceability rules, which include proper labeling of products stating "genetically modified" or "produced from genetically modified organism." However, if the product has less than 0.9% of GM ingredients, or if the addition of the GM is adventitious or technically unavoidable, such labeling is not required.

Read the press release from the European Commission.