Biotech Updates

Canadian Consumers First to Taste Commercialized GE Salmon

August 9, 2017

Genetically engineered salmon has finally reached the dinner table after over 25 years of long wait since its first application for Food and Drugs Administration approval. According to its developer, AquaBounty Technologies, they have sold about 4.5 tons of GE salmon in Canada as of August 4, 2017.

GE salmon is a variety of Atlantic salmon that needs half the time (18 months only) of its non-GE counterpart to grow. According to AquaBounty's chief executive, Ron Stotish, they sold the first commercial batch for US$5.30/lb ($11.70/kg). "I think the larger market is viewing it as a more predictable, sustainable source of salmon," Stotish added. "As a first sale, this was very positive and encouraging for us."

Read the news release from Nature.