Biotech Updates

New ISAAA Board Game: #BiotechisCool

February 22, 2017

ISAAA releases its first printable board game on biotechnology! The new material is called #BiotechisCool, which highlights the fun facts on crop biotechnology such as the wonder bacterium and gene gun used for modifying crops and what farmers say about planting biotech crops. The material comes with a board game which allows the players to understand the twists and turns of developing a biotech crop from the lab, then to the test fields, and finally to the farmers' fields. The new material has been pretested with students from high school and college, as well as with professionals.

Download a copy now from the ISAAA website and play it with your friends. Don't forget to share the experience on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter (@isaaa_org) and use the hashtag: #BiotechisCool.