Biotech Updates

Egyptian Students Organize Biotech Seminars for Sharing Knowledge

August 17, 2016

Biotechnology students from different Egyptian universities started a group last year called BioTeam to share knowledge about biotechnology through a series of talks called Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars (EBES). On July 30, 2016, they organized an event at Cairo University's Faculty of Medicine, attended by more than 200 students. Three presentations were given during the event: Innovative Ideas not yet Invented presented by Dr. Tahsin Shoala, Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST);  Biotechnology Applications in Stem Cells by Prof. Nagwa El-Badri, Founding Chair Biomedical Sciences Program Director, Zewail City of Science and Technology; and Introduction to Bioinformatics: Understanding Secrets of Life by Dr. Sameh El-Sayed Ibrahim, Researcher at AGERI and Assist. Prof. at Faculty of Biotechnology, Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST).

Other topics about biotechnology were covered in discussions led by Prof. Abdel Rahman Zekri, Head of Virology and Immunology Unit Cancer Biology, Department of National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, and Prof. Naglaa Abdallah, Coordinator for BSc Biotechnology Program at Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University and Director of Egypt Biotechnology Information Center (EBIC).

For more information, visit the BioTeam FB page or contact Prof. Naglaa Abdallah at