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Robert Saik: Anti-Science Movement One of the Biggest Threats to Modern Farming and World Food Security

March 9, 2016

"The anti-science movement is the largest threat to agriculture in terms of our ability to feed the future planet," said Canadian agricultural consultant Robert Saik, in his keynote speech during the Grains Research and Development Corporation's (GRDC) Grains Research Update in Perth, Australia, on February 29, 2016. Saik added that the voices of science are being drowned out by the voices of fear and paranoia, and claimed that "food paranoia" was a "first-world problem".

"We are going to need all kinds of agriculture technology, including genetic engineering, if we are going to ensure global food security," he said.

In his 2014 book The Agriculture Manifesto – 10 Key Drivers That Will Shape Agriculture in the Next Decade, he said some of the underlying forces likely to impact on the agricultural sector and its farmers to the year 2026 include genetically modified crops, biofuels and crops that fight insects, diseases and require less fertilizers or pesticide.

For more details about the GRDC Grains Research Update, read the news release at the GRDC Media Centre.