Biotech Updates

New Agri-genomics Tools from Rothamsted Research

March 9, 2016

Genestack, developer of next generation enterprise platform for genomics research and development, together with Rothamsted Research, will make new tools for agri-genomics available on its platform. The tools, which are being developed at Rothamsted Research, will help scientists apply high-throughput bioinformatics technologies to accelerate crop breeding and crop improvement research.

The first version of these agri-genomics tools, to be released in two months' time, will allow access to the latest techniques for multi-omics data integration, literature mining and gene network visualization. Researchers using these new techniques can more effectively mine public domain data to link traits to gene function and ultimately understand complex crop traits and improve their yields, nutritional quality, as well as tolerance against diseases or drought.

More details are available at the Rothamsted Research News & Views.