Crop Biotech Update

Mitochondrial Genome of Silene noctiflora Undergoes Chromosome Gain/Loss

May 6, 2015

Colorado State University and University of Virginia researchers conducted a study to examine how the mitochondrial genome of Silene noctiflora is maintained. S. noctiflora has a diverse genome with over 50 circular-mapping chromosomes totaling ~7 mb in size.

By employing intraspecific variation in S. noctiflora genome, findings indicate that the complete genome of its two population only shares similarities with its sequence, structure and relative abundance of mitochondrial chromosomes. The difference was observed in the presence of 19 chromosomes that lacks unidentifiable gene or contain duplicate gene copies.

The presence or absence of the 19 chromosomes helps in maintaining the stability of S. noctiflora genome. This indicates that the S. noctiflora mitochondrial genome undergo a non-adoptive process of whole-chromosome gain/loss to maintain its genome.

Read full details of the study at PNAS' website.