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Genome-Wide Analysis of Heat Shock Transcription Factors in Wheat Ancestors

September 24, 2014

Heat shock proteins (Hsps) are believed to play important roles in developmental processes and in response to heat stress. Heat shock transcription factors (Hsfs) are important Hsp regulators, but are poorly understood, especially in wheat. Hence, a comprehensive bioinformatics analysis was conducted by a research team led by Aimin Zhang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in wheat ancestors Triticum urartu and Aegilops tauschii.

Thirteen Hsf proteins were identified in both T. urartu and A. tauschii. Expression analyses of these genes in response to heat stress were conducted. Hsf genes Tuhsf03, Tuhsf05, Tuhsf06, Tuhsf10 had significant increases in transcript levels in different tissues of T. urartu and were induced by heat stress. These results provide important information for studies of Hsfs in wheat.

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