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Genetic Screening Technique for Improving Korean Wheat

September 24, 2014

South Korean scientists Dae Wook Kim and Jai Rohila from National Institute of Crop Science, will develop a Korean wheat line variety tolerant to preharvest sprouting, a condition which frequently occurs during wet conditions and affects the quality and yield of grain, through genetic screening technique. This technique, developed by and used in South Dakota State University (SDSU) will be adopted by Kim in creating different lines of wheat varieties.

Kim was able to identify 33 proteins tolerant to sprouting by comparing tolerant and susceptible from both SDSU and Korean wheat lines. Then, a comparative study will be conducted on the newest sprout resistant wheat line developed by Karl Glover, an SDSU wheat breeder, with a Korean wheat cultivar to identify the proteins that will be important in creating a preharvest sprouting tolerant Korean wheat.

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