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Issue Management Workshop on Biotech Concludes in Indonesia

September 24, 2014

Twenty-eight agriculture and biotechnology experts, representatives of prominent organizations from different fields, university professors, government officials, farmers, industry leaders and managers have concluded a biotechnology workshop on issue management in Bogor, Indonesia on  September 15-16, 2014.

The workshop aimed to learn the latest risk communication strategies and techniques that will support efforts to promote the objective benefits of agro-biotechnology in Indonesia to a diverse audience; and to provide an interactive platform that will enable participants to share ideas and experiences as to how to adopt and deploy the latest risk communications techniques in an Indonesian context. Jay Byrne of V-Fluence Interactive led the sessions of the two-day workshop and Jill Kuehnert of Seed Stories facilitated the workshop sessions and presented the Golden Rice lessons and case study. The workshop is a joint initiative of Indonesia Biotechnology Information Centre, SEAMEO BIOTROP, Indonesia Society for Agricultural Biotechnology (PBPI), ISAAA and CropLife Asia.

For details of the workshop, contact Dewi Suryani of IndoBIC at