Biotech Updates

Philippines Leading in Regional Agri-biotech Research–USDA

September 24, 2014

USDA Foreign Agriculture Service released a report on agri-biotechnology in the Philippines. According to the report, the Philippines continues to be a regional leader in biotech research and commercialization, as well as a model for science-based and thorough biotech regulatory policy.

The Philippines is now self-sufficient in corn after successful propagation of biotech corn over the past decade. No environmental or health issues have been reported regarding the use of biotech corn varieties. In addition, with Golden Rice and Bt eggplant, the Philippines is poised to be the first Southeast Asian country to commercialize locally developed GE crops. The success of the Philippines in these food security efforts has attracted attacks from anti-biotech groups that filed a lawsuit delaying the commercialization of Bt eggplant. Activist groups also destructed the field trials of Golden Rice in 2013. According to academia, industry, and local government sources, these anti-biotech activities have galvanized local stakeholders to coordinate educational outreach activities to promote the safe and responsible use of biotechnology.

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