Biotech Updates

A Comparative Study of GMO Labeling in the South Korea, US, and EU

June 11, 2014

MoonSook Park of Indiana University Maurer School of Law compiled and compared the GMO labeling philosophies and laws in the US, EU, and South Korea. According to the report, the varied attitudes towards GMOs among the countries all over the world may lead to international trade conflicts. Thus, Park recommends that GMO labeling system should be mandatory to support the consumers' right to know. However, finding a reasonable GMO labeling and liability regulation is very complex and difficult since the conflicts are between industrialized and developing countries and also amongst the industrialized countries.

"In order to continue the growth of GMOs and enjoy the benefits from the GMOs, it should go hand in hand with a legal infrastructure. To enhance the effectiveness of the legal system, the effort to make this legal system practical for countries is necessary. Furthermore, if the international cooperation and monitoring systems are added, it will help advance the GMO regulations," he concluded.

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