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Bt Maize (MON 88017) Does Not Cause Harm to Non-target Organisms

May 25, 2012

A team of researchers reviewed existing data on the effects of cultivating Bt maize (MON88017) expressing Cry3Bb1 protein against rootworms, on non-target organisms (NTO). The team, headed by Yann Devos of the European Safety Authority, found out that there are no available data stating that Cry3Bb1 has adverse effects on various NTOs, which imply that the activity of the protein is limited to species in the coleopteran family of Chrysomelidae.

They also reported that Cry3Bb1 protein does not have significant effects on chrysomelid larvae and adults because the protein exhibited low activity. The impacts of Bt maize on NTOs are not expected to occur because no changes in composition, physical characteristics, and plant-NTOs relationships were found between MON88017 and its non-GM counterpart.

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