Biotech Updates

Pratik Cotton Boosts Farmers' Yields in India

May 25, 2012

Pratik, a high yielding Bt cotton variety from Krishidhan Seeds, has set a production record in Southern and Central India. Farmers who planted Pratik from Vidarbha in Maharashtra state harvested 25 quintals (1 quintal = 100 kilograms) per acre, when their average production was only 17-19 quintals. In Parbhani region of Maharashtra, farmers planting Pratik harvested 21 quintals per acre, a high record compared to their average produce of 10-16 quintals per acre.

Pratik cotton is tolerant towards all major sucking insects including bollworm and armyworm. These insects cause severe damage to cotton crop and have been responsible for the low production in many parts of India. Sushil Karwa, managing director of Krishidhan Group of Companies said that record production is expected in the country if farmers continue to grow crops that are tolerant to major pests and grow well in both rainfed and irrigated regions.

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