Biotech Updates

India Drafts Bill to Form Biotech Regulatory Body

May 25, 2012

India has prepared a draft Bill to form the Biotechnology Regulatory Body of India (BRAI). The body will be an autonomous and statutory agency that will regulate research, transport, import, manufacture and use of organisms and products of modern biotechnology.

The BRAI will include a Chairperson, two full-time members, and two part-time members, each with expertise in  life sciences and biotechnology applications in agriculture, environment, and general biology. The Bill will also set up an inter-ministerial governing board to oversee the performance of BRAI and a National Biotechnology Advisory Council of stakeholders that will give feedback on the use of biotechnology products.

The draft Bill also provides for a risk assessment process that will involve panels of science experts and representatives of concerned ministries who will evaluate applications prior to final approvals.

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