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Intelligent Bio-Systems: New Sequencing Machine

May 25, 2012

Intelligent Bio-System (IBS) introduces a new sequencing-by-synthesis machine for targeted sequencing at the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities annual meeting held at Orlando, Florida in March.

The machine, called Mini-20, is intended for core and clinical labs. According to IBS founder and CEO Steven Gordon, Mini-20 lets users add samples while runs are in process. This makes running of multiple samples and starting of analysis without waiting for a full complement possible.

The machine's carousel-like organization houses 20 flow cells that shift to different stations for reagent delivery. These flow cells are also used for washing and imaging. The flow cells are individually barcoded, which allows monitoring of its progress while sampling is in progress. If all the 20 flow cells are in use, 400 million reads and 80 gigabases can be produced and ten samples can be sequenced in a day.

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