Biotech Updates

GM Crops in the Philippines Impress Pakistani Farmers

May 25, 2012

Farmers from Pakistan visited the Philippines for the Pan-Asia Farmers Exchange Programme organized by CropLife Asia and Biotech Coalition of the Philippines in March 2012. The visiting farmers shared their experiences to a group of journalists in Pakistan, explaining how the visit increased their knowledge about biotechnology. The farmers also said that they were impressed with the Philippines' high-yielding and pest-resistant biotech crops, which have played an important role in developing the country's agriculture.

"We (farmers) did not have much knowledge about biotech crops earlier but now, after practically seeing the biotech crops fields and meeting the scientists as well as farmers in the Philippines, we have learnt a lot about biotechnology," said Zafar Hayat, one of the visiting farmers who is also a member of Farmer Associates Pakistan.

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