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FAO Director-General Warns of Horn of Africa, Sahel Funding Gap

May 11, 2012

During the recently concluded international economic forum held in Madrid, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director-General José Graziano da Silva revealed that funding seems to be the significant problem in the international effort to boost food security and development in Africa. "In the Horn of Africa we are losing the window of opportunity to build on our recent achievements - which helped to overcome the famine declared last year in Somalia - increasing the resilience of families facing drought," he said.

In Spain, where Da Silva participated in the first FAO-Spain Awards achievement in the fight against hunger, he strongly added "Spain will remain a strategic ally in the fight against hunger. The foundation of this alliance is based not only on the financial contribution, but on the shared certainty that a world without hunger is possible, that development can and needs to be sustainable, that countries can learn from each other, that multilateralism is the road we must travel to reach our goals, and that the progress of vulnerable countries also benefits the developed ones."

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