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Biotechnology, Key to Realizing Africa's Full Agricultural Potential, says Ghana Minister

May 11, 2012

Agricultural biotechnology has received firm backing from Ghana's Minister for Environment, Science and Technology Hon. Ms. Sherry Ayittey. The Minister's sentiments came during the second Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB) all chapters annual planning meeting in Accra, Ghana on May 1, 2012.

Hon. Ayittey noted that while African leaders knew the potential benefits of adopting biotechnology, most were still dragging their feet hence prolonging the continent's food insecurity problem. "With biotechnology, there will be hope for numerous farmers on the continent. We can no longer stretch our hands to Europe for food aid. All leaders have to come on board and support biotechnology to make Africa food secure," said the Minister.

The Minister also noted that Africa's food security is largely threatened by loss of soil fertility and long periods of drought because of climate change. Agricultural biotechnology therefore becomes a very viable option among others if Africa is to survive these twin challenges facing the continent.

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