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Philippine Study: Corn Borer Populations Remain Susceptible to Bt Corn

March 23, 2012

Asian corn borer (ACB) pest populations in the Philippines continue to be susceptible to the insect resistant Bt corn, reported Dr. Edwin Alcantara, University Researcher at the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology - University of the Philippines Los Baños (BIOTECH-UPLB). In his lecture titled Monitoring Cry1ab Susceptibility in Asian Corn Borer on Bt Corn in the Philippines for the BIOTECH Monthly Seminar,  Dr. Alcantara said that so far, no field-evolved ACB resistance has been detected after almost ten years of Bt corn adoption.

In the study of Dr. Alcantara and colleagues, the baseline susceptibility of several ACB populations to the protein Cry1ab was first estimated. From the baseline bioassay data, they then identified and validated a diagnostic concentration to several populations of ACB. This concentration is currently being used to monitor development of ACB resistance in eight biotech corn-producing provinces in the Philippines. Alcantara said that monitoring of resistance in ACB to Bt corn is part of responsible stewardship of the transgenic technology.

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