Biotech Updates

Good Genes: Secret to Better Skin

March 23, 2012

DNA might dictate how skin changes with age, said Duke University professor Dr. Zoe Draelos during the annual meeting of the Americal Academy of Dermatology in San Diego.

"There is groundbreaking research underway to determine the differences between old and young genes," Draelos said in an academy news release. "The hope is that by understanding how to make old genes act younger and how to keep young genes from getting old, we can better advise our patients on caring for their skin."

Researchers are also investigating the effect of diet in gene expression. In one study, black-haired pregnant mice were fed with a diet lacking folic acid. This changed the expression of the gene responsible for hair color in their offspring, producing blond-haired offsprings. "This study demonstrated, quite remarkably, how some genes are turned on and off by what you eat," Draelos explained.