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GM Foods In Animals Safe Says International Consortium Study

March 23, 2012

Over three years of research by Austrian, Australian, Norwegian, Irish, Turkish, and Hungarian scientists report no harmful health effects of GM foods in animals. The European Commission Framework 7-funded GMSAFOOD consortium announced this key finding in a press conference on March 8, 2012 in Vienna, Austria.

The scientists investigated potential long-term risks associated with feeding genetically modified Bt maize MON810 and a GM pea to pigs, salmon and mice. They hope to find suitable biomarkers that can be used as more sensitive indicators to detect effects of authorized GM foods in humans.

The consortium proposed a "clustering and neural network"-type machine-learning framework to identify potential biomarkers capable of detecting unforeseen health risks. This method, in addition to meta-analysis of data within a prospective public repository, would significantly complement current pre-market testing procedures.

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