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CSIRO Book Uncovers Nature's Nano-secrets

March 23, 2012

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) released a new book titled Nature's Nanostructures edited by CSIRO scientists Drs. Amanda Barnard and Haibo Guo. The book explains how nature's own laboratory has been producing advanced nanomaterials for millions of years. Thus, the book brings together studies in the fields of entomology, geology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, molecular biology, and health to create a complete picture of nanotechnology occurring in nature. According to Dr. Barnard, such studies would help scientists develop similar nanomaterials in the lab and explore possible applications in science and industry.

"I think it is generally assumed that nanomaterials are a relatively new phenomenon but some nanoparticles have been present in animals and minerals for millions of years and are a natural occurrence," says Dr. Barnard.

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