Biotech Updates

Mozambique: Better Seeds for Better Crops

January 6, 2012

Results of the partnership between FAO and the European Union to strengthen the seed sector in Mozambique which was launched in 2008 is now being enjoyed in the country. The €7.3 million funds from the EU supported certified seed production of stable crops maize and rice, as well as bean, soybean, and sunflower.

In addition, the government has improved its ability to control the quality of seeds reaching the market, as well as rehabilitated existing laboratory facilities, where 300 technical staff, including extensionists in Mozambique's agriculture ministry were being trained in seed quality control, in line with regional standards.

"Producing improved seeds will continue to be a priority for the government. At least 15 percent of our farmers should have access to quality seeds in five to six years time," says Mahomed Valá, National Director of Agrarian Services (DNSA) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG).

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