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Global News Analysis on Biotechnology

January 6, 2012

Biotechnology in the news: Lessons from a quantitative analysis of news articles on biotechnology between July 2005 and June 2010 by Huib de Vriend of LIS Consult and colleagues reveal differences in positioning of agricultural and medical biotechnology between continents (North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia) and countries. The research team analyzed more than 22,700 news articles about biotechnology based on the following variables: source, the type of biotechnology, geographical information about the event, and major interests described in each article.

Among the findings are:

  • Stable technology dominance (technology-push oriented events) and shift towards private interests;
  • Slightly more focus on public interests in Europe; ·
  • Growing difference between the two largest emerging economies with China's positioning characterized by a constant high level of technology orientation and a non-consistent shift towards more private interests. India's biotechnology positioning shifted radically to much lower levels of technology dominance;
  • Little distinction between agricultural and medical biotechnology in North America in contrast to a large distinction in Europe.

The full report is available at