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Biotech Communication Challenges in Australia, China, and India

November 18, 2011

How have mega-biotech countries (those growing 50,000 hectares or more of biotech crops) such as Australia, ChinaIndia, and Philippines as well as potential biotech countries addressed communication challenges?  The book Communication Challenges and Convergence in Crop Biotechnology authored by  Drs. Mariechel Navarro and Randy Hautea of the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) presents case studies of eight countries and regional initiatives on biotech science communication. It highlights communication strategies that have enabled increased understanding and or adoption of the technology. Lessons are forwarded to guide science communicators in making appropriate interventions through a better understanding of specific audiences, message formulation, communication planning, and impact evaluation.

In addition to the first three chapters of the book, three additional chapters on AustraliaChina and India will now also be available for download at