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A Rapid PCR-Based Detection Method of Black Leaf Streak Disease in Indonesian Banana Crops

November 18, 2011

A study on the development of a rapid PCR-based detection method of black leaf streak disease in Indonesian banana crops caused by M. fijiensis has been carried out in BioTrop. Also known as black sigatoka the disease was first recorded in 1964 in Fiji. The disease causes extensive defoliation, and yield reduction due to premature and uneven ripening of bananas.

Different specimens of the causal pathogen have been collected and characterized morphologically. Through restriction enzymes used in the RFLP analysis such as AluI, HaeIII, and TaqI, black streak disease pathogens, Mycosphaerella. eumusae, M. fijiensis, and M. musicola were identified. Two species-specific primer pairs, namely, MfijF/MfijR and MmusF/MmusR have been successfully developed to detect and to diagnose for the presence of M. fijiensis and M. musicola, respectively.

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