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Agrifood Clusters Form the European Food Alliance

November 18, 2011

Nine European agrifood organizations working with the latest technologies formed the European Food Alliance with the common objective of providing agrifood companies the best service and network contacts from all over Europe in order to attain innovation and growth at an accelerated rate.

"In recent years we have experienced a considerable increase in the number of questions from companies approaching us through clusters from other European countries", says Roger van Hoesel, Director of Food Valley. "At the same time, we are increasingly being commissioned by Dutch companies to collaborate with other European food clusters. And so intensifying the collaboration and opening up networks to one another feels like a logical step in enhancing the European agrifood world."

European Food Alliance is composed of the following organizations: Agrofoodpark Aarhus (Denmark), Flanders' FOOD (Belgium), Food Processing Initiative FPI (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany), Institute of Food Research IFR (United Kingdom), NiekE/DIL (Lower Saxony, Germany), PdC Nutrition, Health and Longevity NSL (France) , Food Valley, Skåne Food Innovation Network SFIN (Sweden) and Wagralim (Belgium).

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