Biotech Updates

Global Seed Market Valued at $37 B

July 8, 2011

Context Network, a business management and strategy consulting services, recently published the Global Seed Market Database 2011 (GSMD) and noted that the value of the global seed industry is $37B. Context partner and study leader Mark Nelson observed that yearly growth was slow compared to the past six years.

Nelson further observed that "Agriculture is leading the world out of global recession. The fundamentals of agriculture are strong as ever and the possibility for farmers to invest in technologies to enhance their productivity continues at a strong clip."

The Report highlighted the rapid increase in adoption of GM corn in Brazil in 2010 due to farmers' confidence in the technology. Almost 50% of Brazil's corn crop was biotech. A discussion on GM corn in the U.S. trait market was featured, and with new technologies such as water and nutrient utilization products that are coming to market, seed industries are now planning strategies for seed product release.

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