Biotech Updates

BIO's Strategic Initiative to Speed Scientific Breakthroughs

July 8, 2011

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) released a summary of legislative proposals to improve the investment and regulatory environment for biotech innovation. The proposals are designed to promote innovation needed to make the U.S. healthcare system more affordable, efficient, and of higher quality, and also to advance technologies for alternative energy sources, alleviate hunger and protect against bio-terrorism. The proposals were released during the BIO International Convention held last 27-30 June 2011 in Washington D.C.

"Mankind's need for the promise of biotechnology to cure disease, to combat hunger, and to discover new forms of energy has never been more urgent," said Jim Greenwood, BIO's President and CEO. "Yet despite the extraordinary hope offered by biotechnology, government policies and the capital formation environment necessary to support these policies are insufficiently conducive to enable our industry to most effectively meet these challenges. Our policy proposals are designed to improve the odds for biotech innovation and the patients and communities we serve."

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