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CAS Scientist Reports Advances in Dev't of GM Herbicide Resistant Hybrid Rice in China

July 8, 2011

Xiao Guo-ying, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, reported the recent advances in the development of herbicide resistant transgenic hybrid rice in China. Herbicide resistance genes were used by Chinese scientists in identifying the purity of hybrid seeds and to perform mechanization of hybrid seed production. Since most important restorer genes are indica varieties and are recalcitrant to transformation, a number of herbicide resistant near-isogenic restorer lines were developed through sexual hybridization of indica and japonica varieties and backcross with indica restorer lines later.

Herbicide resistant male sterile lines or herbicide resistant restorer lines were also used and produced a few herbicide resistant hybrid rice combinations. Researchers are investigating the parental lines of hybrid rice with important traits such as insect resistance and drought tolerance.

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