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Crop Biotech Update

How Philippine Newspapers Define Agri-biotech

June 17, 2011

How media portrays science in general, and biotechnology in particular, can have a positive or adverse impact on public understanding and policy development. A ten-year study (2000-2009) of three Philippine newspapers - Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, and Philippine Daily Inquirer- showed maturity in biotech journalism with articles progressing from sensational to balanced coverage. Although not high in the media agenda as compared with political events, coverage was sustained and had occasional peaks that helped bring attention to and or generate interest on the topic.

The study conducted by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) underscores the relationship between science and media and the process of negotiating public or popular images of science. It analyzed media coverage, sources of articles, tone, media frames, use of metaphors, and article titles.

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